An open bioinformatis software repository

This website is created as an index page linking to several bioinformatics software developed by Wang Genomics Lab at CHOP/Penn.

Software distribution websites

  1. PennCNV: a suite of programs for copy number variation detection in high-density SNP genotyping platform
  2. GenGen: Genetic genomics analysis of complex data
  3. ANNOVAR: Functional annotation of genetic variants from high-throughput sequencing data
  4. SeqMule: Automated human exome/genome variants detection
  5. PennCNV-Tumor: New C++ software framework for PennCNV with application to tumor/NGS
  6. HadoopCNV: New Java software framework that uses MapReduce for CNV detection from whole-genome sequencing data

Web servers

  1. wANNOVAR: Easy and intuitive web-based access to some functionalities of the ANNOVAR software
  2. Phenolyzer: Phenotype-based prioritization of candidate genes for human diseases
  3. iCAGES: Genome-guided precision medicine for cancer treatment
  4. Enlight: integrating GWAS results with biological annotations
  5. w4CSeq: automated analysis of 4C-Seq data